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Gallery Folders

Daughter of Discord Part 1 "A Screwy Beginning"
DoD - Cinnamon Stick Complete (WIP) by LovelyDragoness
DOD episode 1 scene 12b part 3 by StormxDestiny
DOD_Angela Secrest_EP01_ Part9_Scene05 by Girldog321
DOD_Angela Secrest_EP01_ Part9_Scene04 by Girldog321
Daughter of Discord Part 2 "An Unusual Friend"
Daughter of Discord Ep2 Scene 4a Scene1/5 by Tommy-Taco
DOD Ep02 Part4a Scene03 by Tommy-Taco
DOD_Ep02_Part4a_TommyTaco_Scene04 by Tommy-Taco
DOD_Ep02_Part4a_TommyTaco_Scene02/06 by Tommy-Taco
DoD Part 3 "A Peculiar Playdate"
DOD Episode 3 Part 4 Scene 17 Nstone53 by Nstone53
DOD episode 3 Scene 13 Part 6 by StormxDestiny
DOD episode 3 scene 11c Part 8 by StormxDestiny
DOD episode 3 scene 11b Part 2 by StormxDestiny
DOD part 4
DOD episode 4 Scene 11 part D by StormxDestiny
DOD_ Ep4_Part8_KimberlyColors_Scene5d by KimberlyColors
DOD_ Ep4_Part8_KimberlyColors_Scene5c by KimberlyColors
DOD_ Ep4_Part8_KimberlyColors_Scene5b by KimberlyColors
DOD part 5
DOD Ep05 Part22 LovelyDragoness Scene12 by LovelyDragoness
DOD Ep05 Part22 LovelyDragoness Scene13 by LovelyDragoness
DOD Ep05 Part22 LovelyDragoness Scene14 by LovelyDragoness
DOD Ep05 Part22 LovelyDragoness Scene15 by LovelyDragoness
Discord Dating Game by Silverfish129
CMC Next Gen. Chapter 12 Till I See You Again 2 by HayStarlight
Next Leaders of Equestria by Snoopy7c7
Lake Bubble (DOD) by YukiraHarp
Bride of Discord Episode Art
Episode 6 - Part 2 - Scene 13-1 by Kyumiku
Episode 6 - Part 2 - Scene 12-4 by Kyumiku
Episode 6 - Part 2 - Scene 12-2 by Kyumiku
Episode 6 - Part 2 - Scene 9-5 by Kyumiku
Bride of Discord Part Two - The Gala
Bride of Discord - Dissonance by LovelyDragoness
Bride of Discord -Find Somepony to Love Fluttershy by LovelyDragoness
Bride of Discord - Chapter 3: The Return by LovelyDragoness
Bride of Discord - Harey Situation by LovelyDragoness
Bride of Discord Part Three - The Dilemma
Bride of Discord - A Hefty Bargain by LovelyDragoness
Bride of Discord - Out of Control by LovelyDragoness
Bride of Discord - Heart Ache by LovelyDragoness
Bride of Discord - Deviled Eggheads by LovelyDragoness
Bride of Discord Part Four - The Decision
(DOD Ep04 Part6 Girldog321 Scene1) by Girldog321
Bride of Discord Part Five - The Gift
Bride of Discord - Escort with Style by LovelyDragoness
Bride of Discord Fan Art
Parent-teacher Conference Color by NicLove
Daughter of Discord Fan Art
Parent-teacher Conference by Keriwi1
Daughter of Discord References
Mothball Gala -Artist Reference Image- by Nstone53
Fluttercord Fan Art
Not Yours Gif by Nstone53
Sketches and Concept Art
Prism -Artist Reference Image- by Nstone53
Comic and Fanfiction Related
Thunder and Blossom: A DoD Short Comic by Snoopy7c7
Contest Entry's
Contest Entry - Rainbow Power!! by Kell95
BOD Cast and Crew Related
Apples in the Town by Nstone53
Halloween Contest 2015
Flutterticia annd Dismez by Battre-la-Rage
April Fools Art
Holiday BOD Art Showcase.
Bride of Discord Winter Wonderland by Nstone53
DOD Episode 6


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Welcome & Group Rules

Welcome to the Bride of Discord Group!

Bride of Discord is based on the fan fiction by Disneyfanatic2364.
This group is for artists and fan fiction lovers alike. We have several folders for artwork and journals.
Please read the group rules before submitting art.

Audio Series
We will be posting a link to the new episode every month.

Submission Rules

- We do not accept sexual or 18+ works. Keep it clean.

- This group is based on a Fluttercord (Discoshy) fanficion. So we only accept Fluttercord parings or other parings from the same universe.

- You may not submit work into the episode folders. Those are for the audio series works and artists only.

- Submit works to the correct folders.

- No Art Theft!
Please do NOT use other artist work without their permission. This means you MUST to ask them and receive an agreement. Crediting them without asking is the same as stealing. Your artwork will be removed. If you violate this rule and do not remove the art work at the artists request, you will be reported to DA.

- Yes, we do accept base works.

Here for information for BOD art:…


Hello faithful watchers!
I come to you all for help. These last two months have been very troubling for the art team. A lot of our art is being stolen by various people. It's being edited and redistributed without our permission.
One such user is on Tumblr under this name ..
We've already worked very hard to have a lot of the art she has stolen removed but she continues to do it despite our asking her to stop. We can't watch her all the time, so we need your help.

If you use Tumblr please help us to report her.
How do I do this?
If you see anything that is from BOD/DOD. Even if it's something small.
Send us a note here on DA and we can report it from there.
The more of us there are the faster we can work to have this problem rectified.

If you want to use our art please just ask. There are some artist that are fine with people using their art.
Thank you so much
- Nstone53 (Art Director)
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Nstone53 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Student General Artist
Nstone53 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017  Student General Artist
Go to VCM1824's page to tell her how kawaii her OC is xDDD
Racing Girl Emoji (Evil Scheme) [V3] 
vcm1824 Featured By Owner May 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Nstone53 Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Student General Artist
Swarley180 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
The recent episode of Daughter of Discord is amazing.  Great work you guys.  Keep up the good work.  
serfire Featured By Owner Edited Feb 5, 2017  Student Filmographer
Hey everyone I just like to say that I found  a channel which is stealing everyone Art , Disneyfantic2364 work and VA's work  basically  a video for one of the Episodes for Daughter of Discord , here it is…
And They did not Credit anyone , which is stealing by copyright's Claims rules .
P.s I also Report the video ^^
oceanmoon3 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 6, 2017  Professional Filmographer
So amazing X3
Swarley180 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
I have posted something on here and on Fimfiction on the controversy of Daughter of Discord Episode 5.  I know personally i didn't say much since i love Daughter of Discord.  But, if i had said something hurtful to anyone of you.  Then, i apologize now and in this journal.  I hope you accept it as my apologizes for anything I may have said/done.  I wish you guys well on Episode 6, future episodes or any projects you may have in the future.…
SoulSliver249 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016
Pardon me but, are you still looking for more artists to work on "Daughter of Discord?"
Tommy-Taco Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you want to sign up for DOD go to the folder that says "ARTIST PORTFOLIO FOR DOD OPEN" and upload some of your best work that shows your skills with backgrounds and overall style.There we see potential new artist. ouo

Mind you this doesn't mean you'll get a garneted passage into the art team
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